Fee Clarity

We’ve stopped the clock

The value we have to offer cannot be measured by time. We’d rather spend our time working with you to get the best possible outcomes, not watching the clock. As Einstein once said, not everything that’s counted truly counts.

We discuss fees with you up front, and we keep you informed along the way so there are never any surprises. We gauge our value by our results, not by the time spent to achieve them. We provide you with transparency so you can budget with confidence. We do this in a number of ways:

Fixed Fees: We tailor our legal services to suit you, your lifestyle and your business. We offer you the certainty of fixed fees wherever possible, or where we cannot fix fees to complete a matter due to its nature or scope, we are happy to provide a fixed cost for stages of work required.

Retainers: You can also choose the convenience of retaining us as your virtual in-house legal counsel. These arrangements give you great value for access to us whenever you need us for guidance, strategic advice and identification of potential issues before they become problems.

Our retainer options are designed to give you budgetary certainty based on anticipated levels of service that you and your business needs. We will charge you a fixed recurring fee for you to have us as your on call legal counsel for general advice covering all your legal needs, or we can tailor an option for you to address a specific period of time or work of a particular nature. We check in with you regularly to ensure your selected retainer option is right for you and we are happy to tweak the level of service to ensure you are getting what you need.


It’s all about you

We love getting to know our clients and being part of their business. We work with our clients to ensure they are empowered, not dependent on us. We provide clarity. We enjoy helping our clients learn things that other firms will only share for a fee.

We also believe a fully customized experience is key because every business and client is different. We don’t charge you for getting to know you because that doesn’t make any sense. We invest time to learn about you, your business, your goals, your challenges and your vision. We listen to understand where you’re headed and what your plans are before we suggest how you get there and how we can help.


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