Our purpose is to deliver legal services with honesty and integrity, whilst having an overall positive impact on society and the environment. In fulfilling our purpose, we are committed to considering the following factors in the discharge of our legal and ethical obligations to our stakeholders:

  • the likely long term consequences of our decisions or acts;
  • the interests of our employees;
  • the need to foster the our business relationships with suppliers, clients and others;
  • the impact of our operations on the community and the environment;
  • the maintenance of our reputation for high standards of business and ethical conduct; and
  • our ability to create an overall positive impact on society and the environment.

Inclusion and Diversity at Prisma Legal

Legal acknowledges the importance of diversity and inclusion to cultivate an invigorated team that
represents the dynamic needs of our clients.

Our Policy and Principles

Prisma Legal supports diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We know that a diverse workforce that promotes
inclusivity of thought and action enables business to thrive and innovate effectively. Accordingly, our strategy
with respect to diversity and inclusion is captured by the following principles:

  • We value the need for employees to bring their whole self to work and be given the tools they need to succeed;
  • We are all accountable in the effort to create a diverse and inclusive workplace towards both employees and clients;
  • We encourage flexible working practices that promote a sustainable work-life balance; and
  • We are committed to recognising that everyone has a unique set of skills, attributes and mindsets which they should feel comfortable bringing to our workplace.

Inclusivity is key

Inclusion is crucial to growing and sustaining Prisma Legal. We know it is the key to ensuring that our clients feel
valued and that our employees feel respected and supported in their efforts to adapt to and excel in our
dynamic legal practice.

We create and sustain an inclusive working environment by:

  • Encouraging the sharing of different values and perspectives and being willing to discuss differences in opinion respectfully;
  • Promoting a culture that acknowledges overt and implicit bias may arise and implementing strategies to recognise it and neutralise its effects;
  • Acknowledging the importance of focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of both employees and clients;
  • Supporting flexible working options by implementing variable working hours and cloud-based technology that facilitate remote working arrangements; and
  • Engaging collaboratively with a wide network of referrers and industry specialists.