Prisma Legal Collaboration with Monash University Innovation Law Clinic

Prisma Legal is excited to announce its collaboration with the Monash University Innovation Law Clinic.

Having been a Practice Manager of the Springvale Monash Legal Service and a past participant of the Monash Law Clinic program as an undergraduate law student, Fotini is thrilled to have been invited to contribute in this invaluable clinical legal education program.

Monash University Law Clinics provide access to justice for for thousands of Victorians in need, giving priority to those clients least able to access the legal, finance or social welfare system on their own due to financial difficulties, language, literacy or other disadvantage. 

The Law Clinics give law students the opportunity to further their legal, financial and social welfare training by gaining invaluable practical experience. It also performs the important community function of providing a free service.

The Law Clinics are  staffed by law students enrolled at Monash University’s Law Faculty. All students are supervised at all times by a qualified practitioner and Prisma Legal is providing guidance to the law students in the advice given to clients of the Innovation Law Clinic.

The Innovation Law Clinic is currently being trialled to assist start ups, entrepreneurs and those seeking to commercialise innovative concepts. This is a great opportunity for Prisma Legal to be able to play a part not only in the commercialisation of innovative ideas and business concepts but to also mentor the bright emerging legal minds of the Monash University Law Faculty.

Watch this space!