Prisma Legal & Monash Law Clinics Collaboration

We are excited to announce Prisma Legal has joined forces with Monash University Faculty of Law with our Principal Lawyer, Fotini Kypraios, supervising  the 2020 Monash University Startup & Innovation Law Clinic.

After a successful pilot of the Startup and Innovation Law Clinic in 2019, which Prisma Legal was also a part of, Monash University has again offered the opportunity to final year law students to obtain practical legal skills experience in the area of commercial law in 2020.

The aim of the Monash University Law Clinics is to give students practical exposure to what it means to practice law. Simultaneously, clinical placements provide an invaluable community service of free legal advice that ensures clients are able to access legal advice regardless of their financial circumstances.

What sets the Startup & Innovation Law Clinic apart is that it gives students the opportunity to develop their commercial expertise while working in the start-up space to assist budding entrepreneurs who are seeking to commercialise their innovative business concepts. From interviewing skills to research and the nuances of drafting tailored legal correspondence, the Startup & Innovation Law Clinic lays the foundations for students to effectively transition into commercial law in the workplace.

Clinical students participating in the Startup and Innovation Law Clinic will be supervised by Fotini, who will guide them through the process of client interviews, research and the preparation of commercial legal advice.

The first session of the clinic took place this week at the Clayton Campus. Fotini was herself an undergraduate participant of the Professional Practice clinic in her final year of undergraduate study at Monash University Faculty of Law. “Clinical legal education is a crucial step in developing practical and commercial skills required to give students the ability to hit the ground running when they commence their careers”, says Fotini. “Participating in the clinical program at Monash was the highlight of my undergraduate studies.”

Prisma Legal is excited about this unique collaboration with the Monash University Law Faculty and is looking forward to contributing to the professional development of young law students about to embark on their careers, whilst also being part of an important commercial community initiative.